Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Announcement #17_A Table for Sale

It can be yours!

$5,555.55 - 16ft x 4ft

The Dossier cannot.

Top Secret

Announcement #16_The "director" Revealed

A coup in the making!

The "director" revealed?

The only witnesses were questioned but silent:

Witness A

Witness B
Or were they silenced?

Announcement #15_A Surreptitious Extraction

The following image was taken covertly by an unauthorized source.  Little is known of the activists involved, some speculate an inside job, others a mutiny. 

Extraction of the artifacts

A dearth envelopes Zone 5:

Zone 5 - A soldier and a lonely broom

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Announcement #14_The Critics Respond

The Department does not dispute anything stated or implied in the following exhibition reviews:

by Camille LeFevre,, July 28, 2011

by Mary Abbe, Minneapolis Star Tribune, July 29, 2011

Nor does it comment itself.
-the director

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Announcement #13_The Public Response

gallery log note; poignant reminder or a message regarding a pending genius?

Upon request of the Council of Architects, the Department asks anyone with information about the identity of this most talented "5 year old" referenced above to contact the Zone 5 gallery or this website by commenting below.  A reward would be expected, but is unlikely.  Gratitude will find other manifestations.

-the director

Monday, July 18, 2011

Announcement #12_More Details of reAssembly

The Department is currently unable to halt the infiltration of its public website, and the unauthorized release of more details of the reAssembly from the excavation of Zone 5.  One image of particular concern is that of  a "Sacred Guardian", one of the speculations which the Department has tried to keep from the public's eye, although they have not explained what is being accomplished by this veil of secrecy.

Guardian seen through the entry door of Zone 5

The Department would prefer the public pay attention to the more traditional view seen below.

Traditional Gallery View

A stunning detail was also released of the following "Assemblage",  although no explanation was provided other than it apparently is a light fixture.  Additional details were not made available nor was any schedule provided for the future release of new images.

Detail of hanging Assemblage

Announcement #11_ The Department Revealed

As promised the Department of Public Design opened its outer sanctum on Saturday night for a public viewing of the reAssembly of Zone 5 by the Council of Architects.  While cameras were banned from the showing, a number of phone images have emerged of the space on the internet.  In keeping with the Department's policy of ex post facto "opaque transparency", the following images have been cleared for publication:

Image from outside the Zone 5 secure area
Image through the Zone 5 secure area door                                                                                                                                     

No further images are available at this time according to a spokesperson for the director.