Monday, July 18, 2011

Announcement #12_More Details of reAssembly

The Department is currently unable to halt the infiltration of its public website, and the unauthorized release of more details of the reAssembly from the excavation of Zone 5.  One image of particular concern is that of  a "Sacred Guardian", one of the speculations which the Department has tried to keep from the public's eye, although they have not explained what is being accomplished by this veil of secrecy.

Guardian seen through the entry door of Zone 5

The Department would prefer the public pay attention to the more traditional view seen below.

Traditional Gallery View

A stunning detail was also released of the following "Assemblage",  although no explanation was provided other than it apparently is a light fixture.  Additional details were not made available nor was any schedule provided for the future release of new images.

Detail of hanging Assemblage

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