Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Announcement #9_ Response to Hacking/Unauthorized image

Two recent statements appearing on the project website, issued ostensibly from its director have been deemed by the Department to be the work of anonymous hackers with no group claiming responsibility. 

The statements in question were issued,  " response to the growing demand to explain what is happening in Zone 5".   In response the Department labeled the statements, "mundane" and admitted that it's website had been recently hacked but that it had regained control of its site.  The Department has issued no further statements, but has chosen to publish the two insertions in their entirety with no accompanied images at this time.

Statement #1:
"Several architects dressed in black joined together to do something that would positively impact their surroundings, but were unable to jointly determine what that might be until given the keys to a gallery.  The group met for weeks in a vacant studio space, quickly dubbed "Zone 5", where they gathered while assembling the discarded and unused material and detritus of their profession. Talking loudly and simultaneously they began a furious process of "making" that became the focus for their creative energy and passion for connecting, discussing, arguing and laughing." 
-End of statement

Statement #2:
What would happen if you gathered some of your most talented friends who were good at a lot of the same things that you were good at (and therefore competitors), and then tried to work with them on something that none of you might do alone?

This is not the way architects typically think.

How do they think, how do they work?
How could the group practically work together without going nuts?
What kind of influence could a group have together?
Are there unique opportunities that might arise?
What could we learn?

While attending a 2010 AIA awards ceremony, that is exactly what was hatched amongst some of those present (and presented).  Awards ceremonies are meant to promote individual (or firm) achievements, and maybe inspire others to work a little better, too.   Think of it as jealously and envy fueling healthy

curiousity.  This all happens in separate spheres.  But maybe there are better ways, other ways practiced by younger, less experienced people, people in other professions, people less trapped by their own egoism.

Architects do typically think like this:
What is up with “X” ? (pick any unjust, ugly, ill-conceived, or potential-laden project)
We could do better than that! (Actually, they usually use I.)
Inveterate optimists beat down by a learned sense of hopelessness, what is the typical architect to do?  The Department of Public Design aims to find out.

-End of statement

However, suspicion is mounting that there is more truth to the statements than the Department will admit, and that the tight control the Department has maintained over communication has been breached and is beginning to crack.  A recent unauthorized image released on the internet does show some form of construction seen through the opening in the Zone, but no further details seem forthcoming.

Unauthorized image from Zone 5

Attempts to reach the Department will be unanswered.

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  1. Dubious provenance and unauthorized status aside, I'm sure happy to have more information. Thanks, anonymous hacker:)